My name is Katie and welcome! This blog was made honestly to show off me! I love a lot of stuff and this is a way I can combined everything I love and show it off to the world! From, Fashion, to Disneyland, this blog has it all! I post once a day. Every Monday I will post the weeks schedule, like Meet me Monday, Texters Grief Tuesday, Wacky Fashions Wensday, ect. Every week is something different! :D I cant wait for you to read everything ;) 

      Now lets learn more about me, (if you only want a mini-description you can find it on the home page) I am 13 years old I live in rainy Washington. I have no Social life *cough cough* every blogger *Cough cough* I am Vegetarian, yeah no bacon, no steak, and every other product all you meat lovers love so much. I love to write which is another reason for blogging, and my wishlist is bigger than my parents cars can fit and their wallets. I love making freinds, unless your an idiot than I can be a real B**** :) Thats really it for now :) But if you read my blog you can learn a ton more ^_^ Enjoy!

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