It's Week 4 now! Sorry I have not been posting and if you dont live in Washington I am sure you don't know we are having some crazy weather! Including a Tornado in the Puyallup area (not too close to me but still...) Also, there has been lightning and thunder like crazy and rain meaning my power has kinda been out D: so sorry! Anyway! Back to our regularly scheduled program. 

Monday- Store Love! I will be doing a collection of my 10 favorite stores! :D

Tuesday- Lush Review, a new store in out Tacoma Mall and I recently bought a new product there and will be giving you a review ^_^ 

Wednesday- My Top-Ten Make-up products that I am obsessed with! 

Thursday- What I look for in a blog! This isn't anything that will make your blog "good" just stuff that makes me click the "follow" button! 

Friday- Celebrity Fashion, some celebrities fashion styles that I am obsessed with! 

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    Meet me and my Fashion!

    Meet Kat!

    I am Kat, I am a simple 13 year old who wants the world and more, welcome to my blog! I post tons of things about Fashion and just everything. I made this to show everyone a little bit more about me :) 


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