This week is gonna be different, it's going to be Monday- Friday I have decided to no longer do weekends because I am just too busy on the weekend :/ I cant wait to start the third week with you! Since I think you guys still deserve what I told you what would be Saturday and Sunday of last week that will roll over into this week!
Monday- Fall Must haves! Everything your going to want and need for fall!

Tuesday- Under the Sea Fashion- A collection of Fashions that resemble the movie "The Little Mermaid" 

Wednesday- Lazy Day Fashions, fashions that look cute and are great on Lazy days

Thursday- Fun-day! Fashions that are fun but not too crazy!

Friday- Must have Nail Colors! 

I cant wait for the third week, and to show you these all new fashions! 


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    Meet me and my Fashion!

    Meet Kat!

    I am Kat, I am a simple 13 year old who wants the world and more, welcome to my blog! I post tons of things about Fashion and just everything. I made this to show everyone a little bit more about me :) 


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