Welcome to call of the Wild Tuesday! This week were looking at the good and the ugly of the wild! 

Were mostly looking at leopard print, in my 13 years of being on this planet I have learned that Leopard print is the hardest fashion trend to work with. Leopard print has an extremely fine line between cute and ugly and sometimes people just cross that line. Which people seem to do far too often! 
There is a lot of ugly in the wild and this I have to say is part of the ugly! I mean, I don't even think I have to explain myself here ._. 

Now, this is cute! Add a pencil skirt and you got sexy, wild, and adorable all rolled into one!

Back to the ugly! Now, take away the wild in this pair of shoes and it is still ugly! Than put a style that mind you is already a style that is either ugly or down right cute, you just got a recipe for pure disaster!!! 

Words cant even describe how much I LOVE this dress!!! I mean seriously,  the brown belt really tops it off too! I love the ruffles are the bottom of the dress as well. 

Is this outfit even legal! I mean seriously. It looks like someone ran over a leopard O_O It doesn't even really look like a jacket...You know sometimes their comes a point where leopard print....is a little too much! 

Sorry, I had to take you back to the cruel world of ugly, seriously though! These shoes need to be burned!!!!!!

This dress is awesome!I especially love the style of this dress. In the second image I love her overall look as well. Especially the bag! This is cute and I would wear it any day! 

Thank you for reading! Anything I liked will be added to my wishlist soon :) 

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