1. The first and Favorite store!!!! WETSEAL! Presented above, I love their fashion of course but I also love their accessories. I love their almost edgy style as well which is very appealing to me. ^_^
  2. Number two on the list, Rue 21!! My second favorite store, I adore their perfume but I also love all their fashions and their always having some sort of deal so I don't walk out stealing money from homeless people!
  3. My 3rd Favorite store!! Forever 21! My favorite thing has to be the fact that they have anything and everything! Plus they always have the cutest shoes and are always a step ahead of the fashion trends ;) 
  4. LUSH!!!! This has become one of my new favorite store. Although hard to find they are cheap beauty products and I love them. I recently bought a face mask product that works like a charm ;) 
  5. Pink! Woooo! I think besides their fabulous bras and underwear I am obsessed with their Sweats!!! Although their like $50 I LOVE them
Fall is upon us everyone! Now it is time to get suited for this season! These, are some must haves in your closet for the world of fall :D Enjoy!
Colors you want to look for this fall!
Ugg boots! They don't have to be Ugg but, Ugg is the best brand (In my opinion) I need a new pair of Uggs since I outgrew my last pairs but these are great! The Brown matches the season, and they are double tasking shoes these shoes can be used in winter and fall. They also look great in almost anything you wear, Leggings Jeans, and  if you play your cards right they might look great with some select dresses. If you don't own a pair you need one! 

It's going to be cold so its time to break out the long sleeve sweaters. Sweaters are great but I find these adorable! I have one similar to this from Ambercrombie and Finch, I love it! I had it in 6th grade and for some reason it kind of got thrown to the back of my closet but it is the comfiest thing ever!

Guess what everyone! Grandma's bad sweater that got thrown in a Christmas box is now "in!" Thank you hipsters! These are comfy and hipster-ish so their great! Here I come fall ;) 

Do you love Fairy's? Its Monday and were looking at tons of things fairy Related from Prom Dresses to cakes. This is everything Fairy!
Tinkerbell much? Fair Themed Prom dress. Which has a bright green much like Tinkerbell :) 

Child's room, this room is supposed to resemble an "enchanted forest" with Fairy's. 

Tinkerbell inspired wedding gown! Now if your normal than you dont want giant wings at your wedding but if you do love Disney and Tinkerbell this gives you the best of both worlds! My favorite part though has to be the top.

Fairy inspired cake!! If your child loves fairy this design is perfect! Most cakes that have a real theme are cheap and aren't well made but this is goregous and yet so simple! 


Regular day out on the town and your feeling like a fairy! This outfit is perfect! Even seperatly any of these pieces of clothes are gorgeous! 

http://thejoyofdisney.blogspot.com/2011_11_01_archive.html <-- Epic Disney and Fashion blog!!!)

Makeup? This make-up might be a little much for school but great for a night on the town! Especially if your feeling just a little magical!


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