Talia a beautiful little girl that I was so inspired by who earned her wings,July 16th, I remember hearing the news and almost crying. She was a beautiful little girl who was diagnosed with two different types of Cancer, she was working with this website to crate her own types of leggings but passed away before seeing them. Each pair of leggings sold will be giving 5$ to BASE camp Children's cancer foundation. I will be purchasing a pair of leggings myself. I hope that you all do the same. I hope Talia appreciates everyone's purchases. Thanks to all who do buy some legggings as well :) 

(Website: http://www.romwe.com/activity-collection-donate-for-talias-favorite-charity-c-179_319.html?page=2&disp_order=3&bprice=10000&aprice=0) 
This week has been busy! From the opening of this blog to Snowballs fights I have had a busy week! 

Friday Night- I went and saw Insidious Chapter 2 (GREATEST MOVIE EVER!!!) at 11 PM and stayed the night at my best friends :) Which was a lot of fun :) 

Saturday Night- Once I got home I took a nap and than my other best friend wanted to go with me to the fair :) so we went and I ate went on rides and had a lot of fun!

Sunday night- I slept in tell 10 AM my God- sister and God-niece came over and I played with her than my cousin Gracen came over and we made homemade snow and had a huge snowball fight in the bathroom! Which was a ton of fun. I just now posted because of my busy weekend o_o 

This week- I am gonna have a busy week especially now that I am the "head photographer" for Yearbook and I am in Charge of Spirit week this week and the first assembly. This week is gonna be busy so I apologize in advance if I am late getting some posts out :P Thank you and I hope you all have a great week!

(Snowball recipe!!! http://www.bathactivitiesforkids.com/2013/02/snow-day.html Also one of my favorite blogs!!) 


    Meet me and my Fashion!

    Meet Kat!

    I am Kat, I am a simple 13 year old who wants the world and more, welcome to my blog! I post tons of things about Fashion and just everything. I made this to show everyone a little bit more about me :) 


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