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I am the queen of Lazy fashions! I love being comfortable and cute. Which sucks because it is so hard to do sometimes! Without wearing the same thing everyday.... These are a couple items that really can make a lazy day truly lazy! 
I love this sweatshirt! I mean seriously look at it! Besides the point, Sweatshirts are great for lazy days! Especially with leggings and boots (my outfit today) Their comfortable  Cheap, and don't take two hours to get on what more do you want? 

Leggings! An easy comfort item, grow great with 90% of all of shirts and shoes. These are comfortable, and they take about two seconds to find an outfit to go with it. Simply god. 

 -destroyed denim look by Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida.

Homeless people are calling this cheap! To start, the shirt doesn't even look denim. On top of that the brown spots look like at one point that shirt was once a pair of jeans and someone pooped in them. This was created in London at Central St. College of Arts, this piece was apart of a graduation show. I know college students tend to stay in the poor lane but really? I don't think any college student is gonna resort to pooped on shirts. 

-Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz de la Prada created this piece. Honestly,y this isn't as bad but really, I mean if you tried wearing this anywhere but a children's playpen in McDonald's you would be laughed off the street. This spanish designer is known for being "Funky, and fresh" but this piece kind of took it to a whole new level. Now, aside from the dress made of balls can we just talk about her shoes. They look similar to what a high fashion clown would wear but honestly I love it! With a colorful top and a pair of jeans those shoes would be a fabulous. Now back to the dress that belongs on a todler who got glue spilled on them and decided to play in the playpen. Honestly, who would wear this I am talking "normal" people. Not Katy Perry (Which I would so see her wearing this) or Lady Gaga. I mean people who go to college and work. This would be humiliating. Somethings Lady Gaga and Katy Perry might just need to get custom made and not put on the runway!

created by, Designer Charlie Le Mindu but seriously scary much! I mean this is like a Vine Video "How to make people piss their pants in 7 seconds." Seriously! This peice is not even the beginning of a whole collection that this man has created similar to this one. Do "normal" people actually wear this? I mean I would pee my pants if I was walking in Macys and all the sudden I see someone similar to Lady Gaga looking at women's underwear! Like I said, somethings Lady Gaga has got to keep between her and her personal designer. 

Now to end this lets talk about The Chanel Hula Hoop Bag  I am sorry Chanel but I am really not feeling this one. This bag is huge and I would never carry that around. I mean can you imagine trying to fit that into your little Japanese car?! Or trying to set that in the cart at Alberstons! I mean really, your bag is gonna take up more space than your groceries! After reading a couple articles about this bag it seems as if people were really excited about this bag. Now in a a little bit smaller size I would see people walking around with this, but the fact of the mater is that bag ain't gonna fit in my Kia! 

Tell me what you think about these wacky fashions! Would you wear them in public? Or, do you think instead of plain fashion and people wearing it it's more of a work of art. Tell me all in the comments ^_^ 

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