This is some simple and easy ways to make your fashion a little brighter and little crazier!
The easiest way to really make your outfit POP! Is to make it NEON the most common neon for 2013 seems to be Yellow, personally I like the Pinks a little more but yellow does seem to be the most popular. Neons are great because if your walking around at night you wont get hit by a car and they really make you stand out from the rest. 

(http://coralsandcognacs.com/ <-- Blog stolen from) 

Another great, easy, and fun way to make your outfits stand out is flowers! A common pattern right now AND a great way to make your outfit stand out. The flowers are bright and "loud" in a way. No way you wont get some attention for anything like this :) 

STUDS! A great a fun way to get a little attention! These are sooo cute! I love the style overall but it is also very "Rebel" like and I love it. 

We see this style everyday and if done right it can be adorable if done wrong you will get some pretty bad negative attention. The sparkles/diamonds are cute and get some great attention! 

These leggings are CUTE anything leopard print can get some great attention, having leopard print leggings!  Not much to say honestly, just stare at them for awhile and you will figure it out. 

Thanks for reading! I hoped you enjoyed this! Next, time your having a wacky day I hope you take my advice ^_^ 

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