Fall is upon us everyone! Now it is time to get suited for this season! These, are some must haves in your closet for the world of fall :D Enjoy!
Colors you want to look for this fall!
Ugg boots! They don't have to be Ugg but, Ugg is the best brand (In my opinion) I need a new pair of Uggs since I outgrew my last pairs but these are great! The Brown matches the season, and they are double tasking shoes these shoes can be used in winter and fall. They also look great in almost anything you wear, Leggings Jeans, and  if you play your cards right they might look great with some select dresses. If you don't own a pair you need one! 

It's going to be cold so its time to break out the long sleeve sweaters. Sweaters are great but I find these adorable! I have one similar to this from Ambercrombie and Finch, I love it! I had it in 6th grade and for some reason it kind of got thrown to the back of my closet but it is the comfiest thing ever!

Guess what everyone! Grandma's bad sweater that got thrown in a Christmas box is now "in!" Thank you hipsters! These are comfy and hipster-ish so their great! Here I come fall ;) 

Black Long Leggings! You are gonna need a pair! First off, they look great with a sweater *Hint Hint* and a pair of cute boots *Hint Hint* Plus, they work great on lazy fall days where Starbucks and Movies that make you cry sound like an amazing day! Sadly, that thing called school or work gets in the way! Not to mention, Leggins are in and so is fall so lets party! 

Scarves!! One of my all time favorite accessories their in and great for fall season. When buying Scarves for fall make sure that anything you buy for this season involving scarves in Dark colors and not bright, like Gray, Brown, White, ect. Try to stay away from black it's a little too dark in my opinion. Keep to those natural colors though and nothing with designs try to stay plain when buying scarfs for fall. 

Hello Hunger Games! Yeah, The combat look you need it. Thanks to Katniss and her groupies Cobat boots are totally in and your going to need a pair to keep in the loop this season!

To end this Broadcast the last thing on my list this fall, a brown cardigan! These are so cute and great for any of your "colder" outfits. I love this and go with a lot more than you might think. Keep to "Fall Colors" like I already said, the great things about these is you dont have to put it away when the fall season is over you can use it in winter and maybe some parts of spring! Plus great comfort!

Thanks for reading and I hope that you all listen to my fall needs and hope you take my advice see you tomorrow! 

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