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I am the queen of Lazy fashions! I love being comfortable and cute. Which sucks because it is so hard to do sometimes! Without wearing the same thing everyday.... These are a couple items that really can make a lazy day truly lazy! 
I love this sweatshirt! I mean seriously look at it! Besides the point, Sweatshirts are great for lazy days! Especially with leggings and boots (my outfit today) Their comfortable  Cheap, and don't take two hours to get on what more do you want? 

Leggings! An easy comfort item, grow great with 90% of all of shirts and shoes. These are comfortable, and they take about two seconds to find an outfit to go with it. Simply god. 

I just bought me a pair of these shoes and they are the MOST comfortable shoes in the world. I LOVED THEM. I wear them to school around the house, in public these are my all-time favorite shoes!

This is the outfit for you if it took you an hour to get out of bed. This is truly lazy day. I love Yoga pants because I am weird I don't really like wearing them in public but I love them, plus they are really comfortable and they look great in half shirts. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed and use this information for your future lazy days ;) 

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