First off, I was brought to Lush by a friend of mine and fell in love the second I walked in! I started talking to a lady who worked there who informed me to try the "Brazenedface mask. I went home Sunday and tried it right when I got home. I don't have too badly of Acne problems but like any normal human being I do have pimples and acne, ect. I woke up in the morning took a good long look at my face to see if it worked and a red zit that I have been trying to get rid of since the month started was gone! I was so happy, this was only 24 hours (not even) after applying! I can honestly say this product works! I give it an A+ Now, it may work but that's not my only reason, below I have stated some reasons for this product to be my new favorite! ^_^ and why it should be yours too :) 

  1. )     IT WORKS! Like I said above it works! A lot of "all natural" stuff don't do anything for people. Time and time again people run out waste their money on products like this and find that it doesn't work. Like you have read above though it 100% works! 

2)     CHEAP! It seems at though when natural is added onto a product name it suddenly become $20 more, not here instead it retails for, $6.95! I find this price extremely cheap.

3)     The product lasts! The smallest jar you can get lasts for three weeks assuming you only use it once a week of course. This is lasting for me anyways, meaning every day I am not running out to the store for a new jar.

4)     I am not the only one finding this product fantabulous!






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