Fall is upon us everyone! Now it is time to get suited for this season! These, are some must haves in your closet for the world of fall :D Enjoy!
Colors you want to look for this fall!
Ugg boots! They don't have to be Ugg but, Ugg is the best brand (In my opinion) I need a new pair of Uggs since I outgrew my last pairs but these are great! The Brown matches the season, and they are double tasking shoes these shoes can be used in winter and fall. They also look great in almost anything you wear, Leggings Jeans, and  if you play your cards right they might look great with some select dresses. If you don't own a pair you need one! 

It's going to be cold so its time to break out the long sleeve sweaters. Sweaters are great but I find these adorable! I have one similar to this from Ambercrombie and Finch, I love it! I had it in 6th grade and for some reason it kind of got thrown to the back of my closet but it is the comfiest thing ever!

Guess what everyone! Grandma's bad sweater that got thrown in a Christmas box is now "in!" Thank you hipsters! These are comfy and hipster-ish so their great! Here I come fall ;) 

This week is gonna be different, it's going to be Monday- Friday I have decided to no longer do weekends because I am just too busy on the weekend :/ I cant wait to start the third week with you! Since I think you guys still deserve what I told you what would be Saturday and Sunday of last week that will roll over into this week!
Monday- Fall Must haves! Everything your going to want and need for fall!

Tuesday- Under the Sea Fashion- A collection of Fashions that resemble the movie "The Little Mermaid" 

Wednesday- Lazy Day Fashions, fashions that look cute and are great on Lazy days

Thursday- Fun-day! Fashions that are fun but not too crazy!

Friday- Must have Nail Colors! 

I cant wait for the third week, and to show you these all new fashions! 

If you know anything about, me than you know one of my all-time favorite Disney movies is Hercules (Besides Lelo and Stitch which I happen to be watching now) Anyway, today were looking at outfits inspired by the Disney movie Hercules ^_^ 
This outfit is totally "Hercules" Hercules famous for his gold colors on his outfit in the movie, something that I also notices is that Hercules is supposed to be bold and flashy and I love the fact that this outfit represents that exactly! I also love the ring which was an important part of the Roman culture. I also love the Bracelet which is something I could see people even back than wearing! This outfit serperatly would be great for a night out on the town,  bold and just the right amount of flashy! 

Meet, Megara, a sassy roman girl with the looks of a goddess! I love her loop earnings, which is the definition of sassyness! I also love, the sandles. Which like the bracelet above it is something the Romans used to wear too. The dress too is similar to what Megara wore in the movie. This has Megara written all over it! 

Meet, Hades the definition of evil. I love this whole outfit especially the mix of blue and Black which in the movie Hades wore ever so well! This whole outfit is adorable anyway. The skull earings scream Hades as well!  

The pure white gorgeous stallion! Also, Hercules best friend. I love that this outfit stayed true o the fact that Pegasus is pure white, but I love that the shoes included his blue. The blue also really makes this whole outfit stand out! The bejeweled purse is also gorgeous and adds some sparkle to this outfit. 

Finally are 9 gorgeous Muses! What I love most about this outfit is that this did a separate outfit for each and every muse.  Staying true to their outfit in the movie! I love the little bit of sparkle added in each of the muses outfits. Adding a little sparkle to the goregous outfits! 

Thanks for reading! All of these outfits are gorgeous and I hope you enjoyed this! (http://disneybound.tumblr.com/ <---- Outfits from here) (http://thejoyofdisney.blogspot.com/ Outfits also from here <---) 

Princess do's and dont's! They tell you prom is like dressing up like a princess for one night. Sometimes though Prom and dressing up like a princess gets mixed up and tangled in 3 ways!

They tell you, "Go big, or go home" sorry sometimes you just cant go to big. Prom isn't meant for you to take up the whole room with your dress! It bothers me seeing BIG dresses meant for prom. 
Crazy styled drive me crazy in prom dresses!!!! Seriously! This looks like some kindergartner threw up paint on your dress. Lets be real here, I see girls all the time who come to prom looking like someone threw up on their gorgeous dress and they didnt have enough time to wash it! Keep your dress away from puking kids! 
One of the oddest things about me when it comes to my pickyness to prom dresses, RUFFLES. I think what drives me crazy is the fact that they look too similar to a wedding dress and I hate that, I just don't understand why we need ruffles they seem to take up a lot of space and with ruffles come big dresses which is another thing that makes me go crazy!!
Thanks for reading the three things in prom dresses that make me go crazy!!! I hope you dont make these mistakes when prom time rolls around! :D 
Welcome to call of the Wild Tuesday! This week were looking at the good and the ugly of the wild! 

Were mostly looking at leopard print, in my 13 years of being on this planet I have learned that Leopard print is the hardest fashion trend to work with. Leopard print has an extremely fine line between cute and ugly and sometimes people just cross that line. Which people seem to do far too often! 
There is a lot of ugly in the wild and this I have to say is part of the ugly! I mean, I don't even think I have to explain myself here ._. 

Now, this is cute! Add a pencil skirt and you got sexy, wild, and adorable all rolled into one!

Back to the ugly! Now, take away the wild in this pair of shoes and it is still ugly! Than put a style that mind you is already a style that is either ugly or down right cute, you just got a recipe for pure disaster!!! 

Words cant even describe how much I LOVE this dress!!! I mean seriously,  the brown belt really tops it off too! I love the ruffles are the bottom of the dress as well. 

Is this outfit even legal! I mean seriously. It looks like someone ran over a leopard O_O It doesn't even really look like a jacket...You know sometimes their comes a point where leopard print....is a little too much! 

Sorry, I had to take you back to the cruel world of ugly, seriously though! These shoes need to be burned!!!!!!

This dress is awesome!I especially love the style of this dress. In the second image I love her overall look as well. Especially the bag! This is cute and I would wear it any day! 

Thank you for reading! Anything I liked will be added to my wishlist soon :) 
Do you love Fairy's? Its Monday and were looking at tons of things fairy Related from Prom Dresses to cakes. This is everything Fairy!
Tinkerbell much? Fair Themed Prom dress. Which has a bright green much like Tinkerbell :) 

Child's room, this room is supposed to resemble an "enchanted forest" with Fairy's. 

Tinkerbell inspired wedding gown! Now if your normal than you dont want giant wings at your wedding but if you do love Disney and Tinkerbell this gives you the best of both worlds! My favorite part though has to be the top.

Fairy inspired cake!! If your child loves fairy this design is perfect! Most cakes that have a real theme are cheap and aren't well made but this is goregous and yet so simple! 


Regular day out on the town and your feeling like a fairy! This outfit is perfect! Even seperatly any of these pieces of clothes are gorgeous! 

http://thejoyofdisney.blogspot.com/2011_11_01_archive.html <-- Epic Disney and Fashion blog!!!)

Makeup? This make-up might be a little much for school but great for a night on the town! Especially if your feeling just a little magical!

Hey everyone! This week is gonna be a fun week. This week were gonna take a look at all sorts of new fashions to wear! It's gonna be Dinosaur-ific!

Monday-  Magical Monday! The source of all magic?  FAIRIES! This is gonna be how to dress like Tinkerbell, how to make your school theme Silver mist, and much more! 

Tuesday- Call of the wild Tuesday! Tarzan is coming meaning everything from Leopard Print to Alligator purses. We have it all! 

Wednesday- Princes do's and dont's! This is simply, what to do when it comes to a Prom and what not to do! 

Thursday- Roman Thursday! The roman's never told us we could be just like them These are the outfits we know and love but a modern twist! 

Friday- Freaky Friday! We will be looking at some crazy street fashions and if their even legal!

Saturday- Under the Sea Saturday! Were going under the sea and looking at some great Sea themed outfits that aren't too crazy!

Sunday- Fun-day! Fun Fashions that are crazy out there but not crazy bad!

I cant wait to start our second week, this week is gonna be crazy but crazy fun and I cant wait, so stay tuned for more! ;) 
1Its back to school, and am I the only one thinking about how my closet is going to be organized this school year? Now, in no way am I the queen of organization but when it comes to my clothes, make-up ect. I tend to be.  I have two easy ways to organize your closet, no matter what shape or size your closet maybe! 

ONE BY WHAT YOU HAVE WORN AND HAVEN'T- Now, this is the way my closet is organized. Now I hate wearing the same thing twice but my goldfish memory kind of gets to me and I cant remember what I have worn and what I haven't. If your like me or for whatever reason want the stuff you have already worn away from the clothes you haven't than this is for you!
  1. Start by, taking the stuff you have worn and putting it in a separate section. I recommend the back of your closest or a completely different section..   
  2. (OPTIONAL) Once you have done the first part take the clothes your planning on wearing, I plan a month ahead. you can plan a week or up to a year depends on what you want. Put these clothes in another section as well. If you have to put these clothes next to the old ones try putting them about three hangers apart. 
Take all other clothes and begin the steps on section two :) 


  1. First figure out how big your closet really is. If your closet is small while organizing try to be broad with your subjects, example, Instead or Leather Jackets just Jackets, or instead of Striped shirts just try shirts. Now, my closet it pretty broad so first begin taking clothes and putting them into sections on your bed. In this example its gonna be a little broad. Dresses, Jackets, Weekend shirts, (Mainly my Shane Dawson shirts Batman shirt ect.) School shirts, and Tanktops. 
  2. Once your done putting the different sections on your bed simply begin deciding where you want your clothes to go. It honestly does not matter. All up to you. 
  3. (OPTIONAL) If your closet is on the larger side put your clothes so that there about 3 hangers apart it does help the organizing a bit more and so you don't mix clothes on accident. 
  4. (OPTIONAL) If you have extra hangers put all those hangers in a section in your closet if you have space. I would recommend putting these in the back of your closet. 

                             How easy was that?! Now your closet is totally Organized no matter what shape or size your closet might be! 

This week has been busy! From the opening of this blog to Snowballs fights I have had a busy week! 

Friday Night- I went and saw Insidious Chapter 2 (GREATEST MOVIE EVER!!!) at 11 PM and stayed the night at my best friends :) Which was a lot of fun :) 

Saturday Night- Once I got home I took a nap and than my other best friend wanted to go with me to the fair :) so we went and I ate went on rides and had a lot of fun!

Sunday night- I slept in tell 10 AM my God- sister and God-niece came over and I played with her than my cousin Gracen came over and we made homemade snow and had a huge snowball fight in the bathroom! Which was a ton of fun. I just now posted because of my busy weekend o_o 

This week- I am gonna have a busy week especially now that I am the "head photographer" for Yearbook and I am in Charge of Spirit week this week and the first assembly. This week is gonna be busy so I apologize in advance if I am late getting some posts out :P Thank you and I hope you all have a great week!

(Snowball recipe!!! http://www.bathactivitiesforkids.com/2013/02/snow-day.html Also one of my favorite blogs!!) 

Hey everyone! Happy Friday!!! Wooo! Today I have for you "Fall in love Friday" a collection of clothes that I have fallen in love with at first look. All these will be featured in my wishlist so you can check these clothes out there too :) Thanks and enjoy! (These are in order by favorites) 
Seriously?! Why don't I already own these!!!!!!!!! These are adorable, Flats, Galaxy, and their toms!! Catch me  before I faint! 

Seriously though, Love at first sight! I love the green and white mix. I need this in my life for seriously! This would look awesome with Tribal leggings too!

One of my favorite patterns POLKA DOTS! This would be amazing with a side braid and a pair of black heels. I can see it already!

Talk about comfort! Another great sweater that would go great with Black leggings and moccasins!! 

I love owls and comfort best of both worlds!!! This would be great with just a plain black leggings and some moccasins. 

My favorite color how could I not love it? 

Not "Comfortable"  but I love the style of the dress. This would be great with some navy blue Toms or a pair of Navy blue Wedges!


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