If you know anything about, me than you know one of my all-time favorite Disney movies is Hercules (Besides Lelo and Stitch which I happen to be watching now) Anyway, today were looking at outfits inspired by the Disney movie Hercules ^_^ 
This outfit is totally "Hercules" Hercules famous for his gold colors on his outfit in the movie, something that I also notices is that Hercules is supposed to be bold and flashy and I love the fact that this outfit represents that exactly! I also love the ring which was an important part of the Roman culture. I also love the Bracelet which is something I could see people even back than wearing! This outfit serperatly would be great for a night out on the town,  bold and just the right amount of flashy! 

Meet, Megara, a sassy roman girl with the looks of a goddess! I love her loop earnings, which is the definition of sassyness! I also love, the sandles. Which like the bracelet above it is something the Romans used to wear too. The dress too is similar to what Megara wore in the movie. This has Megara written all over it! 

Meet, Hades the definition of evil. I love this whole outfit especially the mix of blue and Black which in the movie Hades wore ever so well! This whole outfit is adorable anyway. The skull earings scream Hades as well!  

The pure white gorgeous stallion! Also, Hercules best friend. I love that this outfit stayed true o the fact that Pegasus is pure white, but I love that the shoes included his blue. The blue also really makes this whole outfit stand out! The bejeweled purse is also gorgeous and adds some sparkle to this outfit. 

Finally are 9 gorgeous Muses! What I love most about this outfit is that this did a separate outfit for each and every muse.  Staying true to their outfit in the movie! I love the little bit of sparkle added in each of the muses outfits. Adding a little sparkle to the goregous outfits! 

Thanks for reading! All of these outfits are gorgeous and I hope you enjoyed this! (http://disneybound.tumblr.com/ <---- Outfits from here) (http://thejoyofdisney.blogspot.com/ Outfits also from here <---) 

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