We are going Under the Sea and looking at some fashions inspired by the Disney Classic,
"The Little Mermaid" 
Ariel, a classic and not to mention beautiful girl! This outfit represents her class and doesn't stray too far away from the ocean! I love this outfit,I love the uses of green and gold. I also love the red hair piece to represent Ariels bright red hair!  Thia whole outfit represents her in 20 ways and that's what I love about it! 

Everyone's favorite crab, Sebastion! Sporting a bright red, something I love about the blog "The Joy of Disney" is they even keep the personality of all the characters and put it in the outfits. Like this one sebation a character that is considered a "Saucy" character and putting bright colors in is outfit and a little bit of a show off of an outfit. I love this whole outfit and all the accessories  All Ocean themed of course. Not to mention all of these accessories work well with each other and dont clash. If you want to get attention (Outfit wise, of course) at work, at a party, or wherever this outfit is perfect. 

Flounder! This has to be my favorite! I love the Yellow and the Blue scheme! Mixed so well and represents Flounders bubbly personality so well! The shoes are just plain perfect and match the dress and all the accessories with it. I also love the Jewelry sticking to the yellow scheme using gold. The jewelry also matches the ocean theme. I love this whole outfit and it works perfectly. This outfit would be perfect on a spring day!

The Evil witch of the ocean Ursla, downright evil! Famous for being half-octopus and half-witch. I love the mix of black and purple! Ursla's color scheme is obviously black and purple. I love that they didn't do too little black or too little Purple. I also love that they included things in her accessories that were important to the over all story. Like, the Octopus  or the Shell Necklace (in the movie) Awesome representation of Ursla! 


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