This week has been busy! From the opening of this blog to Snowballs fights I have had a busy week! 

Friday Night- I went and saw Insidious Chapter 2 (GREATEST MOVIE EVER!!!) at 11 PM and stayed the night at my best friends :) Which was a lot of fun :) 

Saturday Night- Once I got home I took a nap and than my other best friend wanted to go with me to the fair :) so we went and I ate went on rides and had a lot of fun!

Sunday night- I slept in tell 10 AM my God- sister and God-niece came over and I played with her than my cousin Gracen came over and we made homemade snow and had a huge snowball fight in the bathroom! Which was a ton of fun. I just now posted because of my busy weekend o_o 

This week- I am gonna have a busy week especially now that I am the "head photographer" for Yearbook and I am in Charge of Spirit week this week and the first assembly. This week is gonna be busy so I apologize in advance if I am late getting some posts out :P Thank you and I hope you all have a great week!

(Snowball recipe!!! http://www.bathactivitiesforkids.com/2013/02/snow-day.html Also one of my favorite blogs!!) 


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    Meet Kat!

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