Every week, I post a schedule for the week with the posts I am gonna make this week I had to start kind of in the middle of the week. One, because it is my first week blogging and two, I started in the middle of the so yeah. 

Wednesday- Wacky Fashions Wednesday! This will be a collection of Catwalk fashions that I am not sure if a Hobo is walking the runway or something they call "fashion" 
Thursday- Meet the Blogger Thursday- This will be in Video form and just a video where I tell you about me! 
Friday- Fall in Love Friday, A collection of Fashion you just fall in love with from the start!
Saturday- Update Saturday, a little update on my life and new and interesting things :) 
Sunday-  Easy ways to organize for school :) 

I hope you enjoy the weeks schedule! :D This is just main posts if I ever have time sometimes I might post more than one. Anyway, if you have any ideas for the upcoming weeks feel free to share :D


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    Meet me and my Fashion!

    Meet Kat!

    I am Kat, I am a simple 13 year old who wants the world and more, welcome to my blog! I post tons of things about Fashion and just everything. I made this to show everyone a little bit more about me :) 


    Weeks Schedules

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