1Its back to school, and am I the only one thinking about how my closet is going to be organized this school year? Now, in no way am I the queen of organization but when it comes to my clothes, make-up ect. I tend to be.  I have two easy ways to organize your closet, no matter what shape or size your closet maybe! 

ONE BY WHAT YOU HAVE WORN AND HAVEN'T- Now, this is the way my closet is organized. Now I hate wearing the same thing twice but my goldfish memory kind of gets to me and I cant remember what I have worn and what I haven't. If your like me or for whatever reason want the stuff you have already worn away from the clothes you haven't than this is for you!
  1. Start by, taking the stuff you have worn and putting it in a separate section. I recommend the back of your closest or a completely different section..   
  2. (OPTIONAL) Once you have done the first part take the clothes your planning on wearing, I plan a month ahead. you can plan a week or up to a year depends on what you want. Put these clothes in another section as well. If you have to put these clothes next to the old ones try putting them about three hangers apart. 
Take all other clothes and begin the steps on section two :) 


  1. First figure out how big your closet really is. If your closet is small while organizing try to be broad with your subjects, example, Instead or Leather Jackets just Jackets, or instead of Striped shirts just try shirts. Now, my closet it pretty broad so first begin taking clothes and putting them into sections on your bed. In this example its gonna be a little broad. Dresses, Jackets, Weekend shirts, (Mainly my Shane Dawson shirts Batman shirt ect.) School shirts, and Tanktops. 
  2. Once your done putting the different sections on your bed simply begin deciding where you want your clothes to go. It honestly does not matter. All up to you. 
  3. (OPTIONAL) If your closet is on the larger side put your clothes so that there about 3 hangers apart it does help the organizing a bit more and so you don't mix clothes on accident. 
  4. (OPTIONAL) If you have extra hangers put all those hangers in a section in your closet if you have space. I would recommend putting these in the back of your closet. 

                             How easy was that?! Now your closet is totally Organized no matter what shape or size your closet might be! 


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