Princess do's and dont's! They tell you prom is like dressing up like a princess for one night. Sometimes though Prom and dressing up like a princess gets mixed up and tangled in 3 ways!

They tell you, "Go big, or go home" sorry sometimes you just cant go to big. Prom isn't meant for you to take up the whole room with your dress! It bothers me seeing BIG dresses meant for prom. 
Crazy styled drive me crazy in prom dresses!!!! Seriously! This looks like some kindergartner threw up paint on your dress. Lets be real here, I see girls all the time who come to prom looking like someone threw up on their gorgeous dress and they didnt have enough time to wash it! Keep your dress away from puking kids! 
One of the oddest things about me when it comes to my pickyness to prom dresses, RUFFLES. I think what drives me crazy is the fact that they look too similar to a wedding dress and I hate that, I just don't understand why we need ruffles they seem to take up a lot of space and with ruffles come big dresses which is another thing that makes me go crazy!!
Thanks for reading the three things in prom dresses that make me go crazy!!! I hope you dont make these mistakes when prom time rolls around! :D 

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