Hey everyone! This week is gonna be a fun week. This week were gonna take a look at all sorts of new fashions to wear! It's gonna be Dinosaur-ific!

Monday-  Magical Monday! The source of all magic?  FAIRIES! This is gonna be how to dress like Tinkerbell, how to make your school theme Silver mist, and much more! 

Tuesday- Call of the wild Tuesday! Tarzan is coming meaning everything from Leopard Print to Alligator purses. We have it all! 

Wednesday- Princes do's and dont's! This is simply, what to do when it comes to a Prom and what not to do! 

Thursday- Roman Thursday! The roman's never told us we could be just like them These are the outfits we know and love but a modern twist! 

Friday- Freaky Friday! We will be looking at some crazy street fashions and if their even legal!

Saturday- Under the Sea Saturday! Were going under the sea and looking at some great Sea themed outfits that aren't too crazy!

Sunday- Fun-day! Fun Fashions that are crazy out there but not crazy bad!

I cant wait to start our second week, this week is gonna be crazy but crazy fun and I cant wait, so stay tuned for more! ;) 

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    Meet me and my Fashion!

    Meet Kat!

    I am Kat, I am a simple 13 year old who wants the world and more, welcome to my blog! I post tons of things about Fashion and just everything. I made this to show everyone a little bit more about me :) 


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