This is some simple and easy ways to make your fashion a little brighter and little crazier!
The easiest way to really make your outfit POP! Is to make it NEON the most common neon for 2013 seems to be Yellow, personally I like the Pinks a little more but yellow does seem to be the most popular. Neons are great because if your walking around at night you wont get hit by a car and they really make you stand out from the rest. 

(http://coralsandcognacs.com/ <-- Blog stolen from) 

Another great, easy, and fun way to make your outfits stand out is flowers! A common pattern right now AND a great way to make your outfit stand out. The flowers are bright and "loud" in a way. No way you wont get some attention for anything like this :) 

STUDS! A great a fun way to get a little attention! These are sooo cute! I love the style overall but it is also very "Rebel" like and I love it. 

If you know anything about, me than you know one of my all-time favorite Disney movies is Hercules (Besides Lelo and Stitch which I happen to be watching now) Anyway, today were looking at outfits inspired by the Disney movie Hercules ^_^ 
This outfit is totally "Hercules" Hercules famous for his gold colors on his outfit in the movie, something that I also notices is that Hercules is supposed to be bold and flashy and I love the fact that this outfit represents that exactly! I also love the ring which was an important part of the Roman culture. I also love the Bracelet which is something I could see people even back than wearing! This outfit serperatly would be great for a night out on the town,  bold and just the right amount of flashy! 

Meet, Megara, a sassy roman girl with the looks of a goddess! I love her loop earnings, which is the definition of sassyness! I also love, the sandles. Which like the bracelet above it is something the Romans used to wear too. The dress too is similar to what Megara wore in the movie. This has Megara written all over it! 

Meet, Hades the definition of evil. I love this whole outfit especially the mix of blue and Black which in the movie Hades wore ever so well! This whole outfit is adorable anyway. The skull earings scream Hades as well!  

The pure white gorgeous stallion! Also, Hercules best friend. I love that this outfit stayed true o the fact that Pegasus is pure white, but I love that the shoes included his blue. The blue also really makes this whole outfit stand out! The bejeweled purse is also gorgeous and adds some sparkle to this outfit. 

Finally are 9 gorgeous Muses! What I love most about this outfit is that this did a separate outfit for each and every muse.  Staying true to their outfit in the movie! I love the little bit of sparkle added in each of the muses outfits. Adding a little sparkle to the goregous outfits! 

Thanks for reading! All of these outfits are gorgeous and I hope you enjoyed this! (http://disneybound.tumblr.com/ <---- Outfits from here) (http://thejoyofdisney.blogspot.com/ Outfits also from here <---) 
Hi everyone! I am a blogger my name is Katie and I am completely obsessed with Dinosaurs! Now, for this I chose 50 questions to awnser and yeah :) I cant wait to show you all!

1. When is your B-day? 7-11 I chose this specifically because I love my B-day xD I mean seriously! Its 7-11!!!
2. Your natural hair color? I am a red-head I am not just talking like ginger know I mean BRIGHT red. When I was little I didnt like it so I have been dying my hair honestly as long as I can remember....
3. Favorite Vacation Spot? DISNEYLAND!!!! Yes, I love Dinseyland soooooo much! Its almost sad. xD
4. Flats, Heels, or tenashoes? Honestly, I love all shoes as long as their cute. I dont wear heels often but I love them to pieces. Flats though are my go-to shoes. I wear tenna-shoes honestly on my lazy days
5. Eye color- Bright green ^_^
6. Preference on dresses? I LOVE dresses! I am obsessed with High-low dresses right now though! I wear a lot of dresses though to school on the weekends I just love them. 
7. Favorite Perfume? Rue 21. Ect. If you dont have it, buy it! It is one of the best perfumes ever. I am like a perfume addict this is my number one favorite perfume ever!
8. Favorite thing to do? Honestly, I have been reading fashion blogs forever! It's one of my favorite things to do I think only recently is when I finally decided it was time to start one of my own. 
9. Pets? You ready to hear this? I have 3 cats (MY BABIEZ) 2 dogs and one rabbit. A lot of animals .o_o I know. 
10. Favorite Video Game? SAINTS ROW!!!! I love that game so much its not even funny. 
11. Favorite show on Netflix? SUPERNATURAL! Love that show go Sam and Go Dean!!!
12. Favorite class? Yearbook :D I love photography and I am right now my teachers "Top Photographer" very proud of that title by the way xD 
13. Sports? I am one of the most un-athletic people you will probably ever meet. I do play Soccor though and I pitch so Fastpitch, baseball, ect. 
14. Dream college? Stanford University. I would LOVE to go there. My mom wants me to go to a college nearby though called PLU, but I have always wanted to go to Stanford. 
15. Dream Job? Un-like most fashion bloggers I am one of the few that doesnt want to be in the fashion industry when I am older. I would love to be an actress to be honest but I do know that acting isnt exactly a guaranteed job...Honestly, I don't really know what I want to be when I am older. I guess we will just have to wait and see. 
16. Guilty Pleasure move? Rocky Horror Picture show ._. It just is I love it and I love the music. You will probably see a lot of Shock Treatment and Rocky Horror Picture show references in my blog. \
17. Honestly, STARBUCKS!!!! Seriously, I have Starbucks just about every single day o_o I live in Washington seriously, they are on every corner. 
18. Siblings? Nope only child. I do have a god-sister though that just had a little baby making the baby my god-niece :) 
19. Number of kids I want? 3 Two boys (Preferably twins) and one girl. I know I am a weirdo...
20. Were you ever bullied? I was, my entire kindergarten year. Depressing right? I had to sit at my own table during lunch which honestly kind of traumatized me a little xD and my entire 5th grade year. 5th grade was the worst though. 
21. Inspiration? Marilyn Monroe. I love her to pieces, and a lot of my style you will see tends to have a little Marilyn in it ;) 
22. Radio Station? 106.1 Kiss FM. 
23. Favorite Singer? Oh god I have so many. Cody simpson for one he is my husband I keep sending him the marriage certificate and he just keeps sending back restraining orders I just dont get it....Cher Lloyd too is also my other favorite singer and you will see Cher in a lot of the stuff I wear too
24. Favorite Youtuber? Shane Dawson, and Daily Grace!
25. Favorite Store? I have a couple but Rue 21 and Forever 21 seem to be my go- to's lately. 
26. Stitches, scars, ect.? I have one scar on my hand which is very visible from a skiing accident. Honestly the whole thing was my fault. Basically I put my hand down while I was skiing when I was 5 in an attempt to stop myself and cut my hand on the sharp part of the ski and ended up slicing my hand open and needed stitches. 
27. Windows or Apple? Apple. Sorry but I love Apple I phones for the win! I own an Iphone but right now only own windows computers. ]
28. Favorite Restaurant? Either Claim Jumpers or Olive Garden. I dont get to eat at Claim Jumpers often though  because the only one is like 1 or 2 hours away.
29. Fears? I have a crazy fear of Clowns, elevators, and sometimes the dark xD 
30. Plans for the weekend? I am going to see insidious 2 with my best friends at 11 PM tomorrow. 
31. Favorite thing to buy? IPHONE CASES. I LOVE them. I have too many. 
32. Favorite Shows? Pretty Little Liars :) and the Fosters! I love that show soooooo much!
33. Celebrity crush? I have several. Cody Simpson <3, Emblem Three, Jesssie Isenburg, and Channing Tatum
34.Favorite kids movie? Monsters Inc. All the way, and Tangled, as well as Wreck it Ralph. 
35. Favorite Holiday? Halloween :) 
36. Hardest thing when it comes to Fashion? Make-up I SUCK at makeup D: 
37. Something in your closset you need more of? I need several things actually, I need shoes, Pants, and sweaters (AKA: Fall clothing) 
38. 3 top things on Christmas wishlist? Better Camera, (I already have a nice one but I would like at least a small upgrade) Apple Laptop, and lots and lots of clothes :) 
39: Favorite Cereal? Coco Puffs one of my many addictions
40. Something you wish you were good at? MAKE-UP!!!!!
41. Favorite Ride(s) at Disneyland? Tower of Terror, and Space moutain!
42. Favorite thing to do at the beach? BODY SURF :) \
43. Moms career: My mom is a Physiologist for Prisoners. In more simple terms she goes to a prison and asks what their feelings are.  
44. Dad's career: My dad is in the Army and he drives around a truck all day. 
45. Best friends: Hailee and Vanessa who I have both known since 3rd grade who I am also going to the movies with.. \
46. State you want to go to? Hawaii my best friend, Vanessa gets to go every year and one of these times I am gonna hide in their luggage and come with them...
47. Cats? Yes, Tigger, Zeus, and Jigsaw. Jigsaw is pure black and I always wanted a black cat named Jigsaw. Zues, I have a thing for greek mytholgy and he somewhat reminded me of a greek god, Tigger because he is orange and has stripes :) 
48? Do You journal? Yes :) 
49: Boyfriend? Nope! And have never had a boyfriend before welcome to my spectacular teen life! 
50. Comments? Yup! Thank you for reading all that and I cant wait to talk to you all some more :) 


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